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I guess I can write prescriptions now.

Posted September 16, 2014

Dear Internet,

I know you are eager to know what’s been going on.

It’s really hot in California which make the worrisome drought situation seem more dire.

My brother Peter (who helped make this website possible) got married in Cincinnati over Labor Day weekend. We had a fun party to celebrate.

And, oh yeah, I’m officially a doctor.

Technically, I am still waiting on some paperwork, and I am sure the piece of paper proclaiming me a doctor is still months away in the mail. But the committee-approved dissertation, the final step in the process, is complete. Alongside the recording made last spring (more on that soon I hope), this document is my big undertaking to complete the doctoral degree.

The title of the document is “The Viola Stands Alone: The Rise in Sonatas and Suites for Unaccompanied Viola, 1915-1929.” It touches on Reger, Hindemith, and Vycpalek and their solo viola works from this era, putting them in the context of those heady socio-cultural times.

This feels good to share. It was a huge process that took a lot of my time and attention the last few years, and I’m really proud of the results.