Jacob Adams

Violist • Teacher • Musicologist

Summer Days

Posted July 16, 2013

Happy All-Star Break to you all.

This week kicks off the 3-week Summer Session with our students at iCAN, and it is a joy to reconnect with these wonderful kids after a month and a half apart. When you are used to seeing them on a daily basis during the school year, that feels like a long time! It is also great to get a chance to see them in the mornings, when everyone is fresher, than after a long day of school, as we do during the regular year. We are preparing for a special concert day this Friday in which Santa Barbara will play host to 150 students from similar nucelos in LA and Salinas, which is very exciting.

Also busy practicing and preparing for concerts in Manchester, MA next month: music of Dvorak and Caroline Shaw. Just got the score to Caroline’s in manus tuas for solo viola, based on a motet of the same name by Thomas Tallis. Among other things, the score calls for the violist to arpeggiate while vocalizing on other pitches. Hopefully I am up to this walking-and-chewing-gum-at-the-same-time task!